Friday, March 16, 2018

Heal an Aching Back

Few conditions can be more troublesome than persistent back pain. So if you’re feeling stiff and achy, try one or more of these five simple strategies that’ll get your back healthy in a hurry:
  • Apply a cold pack as soon as your back starts hurting. Cool the area for about 20 minutes, and repeat every few hours for at least a day after the pain begins.
  • Find a comfortable position (or more than one) that puts the least amount of strain on your sore muscles. This will help your back heal as quickly as possible.
  • Take aspirin or ibuprofen. They target your pain directly, and they also have anti-inflammatory effects, which reduce painful swelling. They often work just as well for back pain as prescription drugs do.
  • Get up and moving as soon as you can to increase circulation and bring healing nutrients to damaged muscles. Lying in bed can make your suffering muscles weaker and tighter.
  • Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning. Cross-training or walking shoes are just what the doctor ordered.
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Friday, March 09, 2018

Songbird Season

Migrating songbirds are a big thrill in the spring, and a birdbath that’s brimming with water is one of the best ways to entice them to visit—especially if you add the sound of flowing water to it with a dripper!

You can buy a dripper, or drip tube, at a bird-supply store for about $35, or you can easily make your own for free using an empty plastic juice jug. Here’s how:
  1. Thoroughly clean the jug, then using a straight pin, poke a pinhole in the bottom.
  2. Poke another tiny hole near the top for airflow.
  3. Fill the jug with water and replace the lid.
  4. Use fishing line or small-gauge wire to suspend the jug from a sturdy branch above your birdbath. Now you’ve got everything birds need to sip, splash, and stay awhile!
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Friday, March 02, 2018

Spring Shrub Shopping

January may kick off the new year for most folks, but March is really where it’s at if you’re a die-hard gardener. From under your feet to high above your head, blooms will soon be bursting out all over! And one of the best spring activities if you’ve got a green thumb is visiting your local garden center to pick up some new plants. It’s an especially great time to buy early-flowering shrubs because you can see exactly what color their flowers are. Here are some other points to ponder as you shop:
  • Look for leaves that are healthy and free of dark spots or yellow patches.
  • Check that the potting soil is firm and free of weeds.
  • Avoid plants with visible pests, like aphids or scale.
  • Make sure the pot has a readable plant tag, so you know exactly what you’re buying!
Once you’ve made your selections and placed your new shrubs in the yard, give ‘em a dose of this homemade elixir: Mix 1 tablespoon of baby shampoo, 1 teaspoon of hydrated lime, and 1 teaspoon of iron sulfate in a bucket with 1 gallon of water. Then spray the elixir on all of your flowering shrubs to the point of run-off. It’ll give them the energy them need to produce as many flowers as possible.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Under Pressure?

Did you know that sharing time with your pet can lower your blood pressure? In fact, just 10 minutes spent with Fido or Fluffy before you head to the office could lower your stress levels and help to keep your blood pressure stable for the entirety of your workday!

If you suffer from high blood pressure, we have a ton of terrific tricks that could help keep you in the safe zone. You may even be able to lower the doses of prescription meds you need to take! (Note: It is always recommended to check with your doctor before trying these or any other at-home treatments.)

Hold hands. Touching a loved one’s hands lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which constricts your blood vessels and bumps up your blood pressure. And the longer you hang on, the better!
Snack on celery. A component in celery (3-n-butylphthalide) serves as a diuretic and vasodilator, which in layman’s terms means that it can help to relax the muscles lining your blood vessels. Try crunching through four stalks a day to reap the full benefits.
Open the sesame! Because it's loaded with unsaturated fatty acids and calcium, sesame oil may help to reduce your dose of calcium channel blockers. Swallow 2 tablespoons each day for two months, and then have your blood pressure checked. If it has gone down, ask your doctor about cutting down your drug dosage, too.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

…And boy, do we have a sweet tip for you! We hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. And if you were lucky enough to receive a bouquet of beautiful roses from a loved one, you can make them last forever… Just turn them into this easy, scent-sational homemade potpourri: 
  1. After your flowers have fully opened but before the petals turn brown, remove all the petals from the stem. Gently lay them out in a single layer on a screen or cookie sheet.
  2. Allow the petals to dry out for a week or so away from any heat sources and sunlight.
  3. Once the petals are fully dried, place them in a jar with 1 teaspoon of rose essential oil for every 1 cup of petals.
  4. Put the lid on the jar and store it for 2 weeks, gently shaking the petals each day.
  5. Now all that’s left to do is place the potpourri in a pretty bowl and display it with pride! 
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Friday, February 09, 2018

Winter Lawn Prep

We know what you’re thinking…there’s still snow on the ground for many of you…the weather is cold and cloudy…and it’s way too early to think about lawn care, right? Wrong!

Even though it’s only February, it’s the perfect time to seed your lawn. That way, when the midwinter thaw comes, the soil softens enough to swallow the seed, and then freezes over once again—holding the seed in place until it’s ready to grow come spring.

First, fill a hand-held spreader with grass seed, and walk across your lawn, spreading the seed in front of you so that you are stepping on it as you go. As you force the seed down into the snow, it will pick up moisture and will swell. Anytime during the rest of the winter that the snow melts and your grass is visible, use that opportunity to tend to the grass along your walks and driveways. Remove any piles of soil and scraped up grass, then rake the areas clean, and rinse any salt away with your hose. Apply gypsum to salt-damaged patches of grass, and water it in well.

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Friday, February 02, 2018

Three Cheers for Beers!

After your Super Bowl bash this Sunday, you might have more beer sitting around than you know what to do with! Here are some handy homemade helpers to use up those leftover libations:

Shiny Hair. Mix 3 cups of beer (any brand or kind will do fine) with 1 cup of warm water, and use the solution as a final rinse after you shampoo. Blot gently with a towel. And don’t worry—you won’t smell like a brewery—the aroma will disappear as your hair dries.

Eliminate Dandruff. Just add a good squirt or two of beer to your regular shampoo to get rid of dandruff. Hops is an old-time cure for those pesky flakes!

Have a Soak. After a long, hard day, relax in a beer bath to soothe your spirits and soften your skin. Just pour three bottles of brew into a tub of hot water, settle in, and think lovely thoughts!

Also, did you know that having a beer once in a while in moderation can actually improve your health? That's right. Scientific studies have shown that it can reduce your likelihood of a stroke, vascular disease, or heart problems. So you can also drink one or two of those extras with no worries! (If you have a health condition or on any medications of any kind, make sure to check with your doctor before consuming any alcoholic beverages.)

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